FAVELA TOUR is an illuminating experience if you look for an insider point of view of Brazil. The tour introduces you to another Rio, within Rio city: the favela. There are close to 950 favelas in Rio. Mostly placed on former public areas on the hillsides, they are now home to 20% of Rio's population, however they remain a mystery for most people who don't live there. The tour is not only to explain about favelas, but to give you a whole new understanding about different aspects of Brazilian society.
You will go to the favelas of Vila Canoas and Rocinha, the largest one in the country. Picturesque from a distance, once closer they reveal their complex architecture, developing commerce and friendly people. Most Samba Schools participating in the Carnival parade come from favelas. The tour changes their reputation of areas related only to violence and poverty. Don't be shy, you are welcome there, and local people support your visit. If you really want to understand Brazil, don't leave Rio without having done the FAVELA TOUR. Read important tip
About the Creator of FAVELA TOUR
Brazilian born in 1968, Marcelo Armstrong is the pioneer of tours in favelas in Rio, since 1987 he's been working on the tourism market, having had the possibility to travel to many countries and getting to know different cultures. When he returned to Rio de Janeiro, his hometown in 1992, he decided to organize visits to favelas. Given their bad reputation, it was hard to gain the credibility of local tour companies and hotels. Today FAVELA TOUR is still growing and making possible to a higher number of visitors, a much better understanding of local society and the day by day life in Rio. Marcelo is registered in EMBRATUR (Brazilian Tourism Bureau) number: 01053672730 and he speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish fluently.
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For best attention once in Rio, call FAVELA TOUR DIRECT on these numbers: 3322-2727/ 99989-0074/ 99772-1133